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Who We Serve

Summit Wealth delivers personal wealth and financial advice to you and your family.

Our mission is to guide you to achieve your lifetime ambitions through a trusted, professional advisory relationship. Seeing you live your best life is incredibly fulfilling—it’s why we do it.

Finances should not be overwhelming or confusing—we strive to bring you understanding and help you feel in control. Through a confidential relationship, we provide you the guidance to make smart financial choices and help you avoid mistakes.

We specialize in serving:

  • Retirees – Your confidence to retire is crucial and you deserve clarity. Using our financial planning process, we’ll help you protect what you’ve saved over the years and help determine your best options for lifetime income.
  • Business Owners – Running a business requires a lot of time and planning. That planning can get complex in today’s business environment. Lean on us so you can focus on your money making activities.
  • People Facing a Life Event – Some of the most important decisions around money happen when there is an inheritance, a change in marital status, the loss of a spouse, or a health issue. Our clients trust us with these types of real life concerns.
  • Executives – You may have corporate benefits to navigate or a need for a stock option strategy, but no two businesses are the same. We create solutions for your unique financial challenges as a corporate professional.
  • The Next Generation – We are proud to say we help our client’s children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren! If someone is important to you, they are important to us.