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At Summit Wealth, we provide personalized investment solutions through a three step process.

Value Comes First

Before putting your money to work for you, it’s important that we understand what money really means to you and why it’s being invested. Your advisor will first look to create a clear picture of your goals and priorities. Then he or she will listen to how you feel about risk and certain types of investments. It’s vital that you are comfortable with how you are investing, because it goes a long way when pursuing long-term goals.

Building Your Portfolio

We then create a portfolio for your financial picture using the right balance of assets—the process of asset allocation. Using an understanding of your investment preferences, we can then select the types of investments you will have in your accounts.

Staying The Course

We monitor and adjust your investments to stay on track because the financial markets are ever-changing. Also, we meet with you regularly, provide on-going reports, and give you on-online access so you are well informed.